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Jun from Gathaman

Jun from GathamanPopular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2004/7/17 19:37
Hits3374  Comments5    
Here I go again posting older works 'cause I'm too busy/lazy to finish my current work....

Harley Revisited

Harley RevisitedPopular
SubmitterBillyMore Photos from Billy   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/17 18:08
Hits2993  Comments7    
well, here's ms. Quinn once more...the last time i did her was on ms paint...well here she is again, only this time on photoshop 6. please let me know what you guys think of her...and please enjoy!

O Gralha

O GralhaPopular
SubmitterAndroidMore Photos from Android   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/15 21:16
Hits2565  Comments6    
1. Source: Unknown model from Google (type 1065550699 and search for images).
The background were taken from here:

2. Commenting image: this is going to be enormous. Gralha is the name of a bird that inhabits Brazil. Unfortunately I do not have the minimum idea if it is known by some other name in English. The shape of the animal can be seen here:

O Gralha (The Gralha) is indeed a brazilian comic super hero. Some of his authors adore super-heroes; others hate them openly. Still thus, the Gralha is one only. For more details about this character, visit (written in portuguese):

3. Making of:
The same old speech. The Gralha's drawing was made by me. The "real" Gralha demonstrates as how it can be ridicule (for the brazilian reality) the concept of a super-hero. With the background and the two Gralhas, I noticed that the composition was very confused... so I decided to add these black bars to simulate a page of comic book and the problem was fixed.

Gallery of the Endless: Delirium

Gallery of the Endless: DeliriumPopular
SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/14 20:21
Hits2622  Comments8    
I said I was gonna do more of these, didn't I? Here's Gallery of the Endless #2: Delirium. Unlike the folks at C2F, you guys get actual legible text, ain't that great?

Del's my second favourite member of the Endless, and my first choice for the sequel to Dream. The model's Chloe Sevigny. I recoloured her skin, and did all the hair, clothing and jewelry from scratch. So were the butterflies, though those were partly based on photo reference, except for one. I'm inordinately fond of the safety pin she's wearing on her necklace, for some reason. The background is just random splotches of colour. I had something else in mind, but the text ended up obscuring it too much. I actually created it by making a copy of the pic, blurring the hell out of it (gaussian), adding a lot of noise, blurring some more (radial) and then using a fairly random curve. Try it, you can get some fascinating Jackson Pollock stuff that way.

The text is from the same source as last time, the prologue to Season of Mists in The Sandman #21.

Tristis Loriene in trouble...

Tristis Loriene in trouble...Popular
SubmitterBillyMore Photos from Billy   CategorySci-fi    Last Update2004/7/14 19:43
Hits3759  Comments3    
after being hunted till nearly exhausted by the SOCIETY's robotic goons...she uses a bit of her decreasing magik to summon her lover..who happens to be a feirce garou(werewolf)warrior to aide her...(this is a tribute to my girlfriend Autumnjoy37, tristis is her favorite rpg elven ranger, and was originally part of my submition for the july challenge...but i missed the cut off date...oh well, as long as i know autumnjoy37 and am a member of already a winner...thanx and please enjoy! comments and post are welcome....)

Superman to the rescue

Superman to the rescuePopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/14 10:26
Hits2856  Comments18    
thought you all might be interested in this. superman was lifted from a comic so that's why he looks abit cartoony but the main thing i'm quite proud of is the explosions, just a little tweaking like the adding of a lens flare at the point of origin and the reflection on the plane.
it was quite a fun piece to do actually, makes a nice change from T&A pics.


SubmitterLocalHeroMore Photos from LocalHero   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/14 9:59
Hits3419  Comments7    
Just resubmitting a larger version
Oldie. Rebecca Romjin Stamos. I think this is one of my favourite of my own manips.

Additional Art Notes: Well, it was about a week, and over 120 layers in the making, but finally here we have Rebecca Romjin Stamos as Barbara Norris aka Brunhilde aka Valkyrie. Starting with an image of RRS standing in what looked like a wheat field, first thing i did was remove out the original collar line of her swim costume. Now it was time to start the suit. I had a couple of attempts before I decided on what you see here. I used the faux leather texture to fill a new layer. I colorized this layer blue, then cut away the extra to leave only the areas that would be the suit With the initial cutting complete, I duplicated this layer twice. the original layer's mode was set to color. the second layer's mode was set to burn at 25% opacity. the third layer's was set to multiply at 75% opacity (obviously i had a bit of experimenting, but these produced the best results. The metals were all created with various layers of gradient fills and the burn tool. The cape was attempted using one of the tutorials Dperciful posted to the hints'n'tips thread(here:  Added additional texturing to the resultant material. The background is actually three seperate photo's of the Highlands up areound Ullapool - The sky and big hill is a layer, castle ardvreck & the water & hill on the right another layer, and the grass closest at the bottom on a third layer. I actually went as far as texturing Dragonfang (seen behind the title) before I remembered in this piece it would be in a scabard which is bound with rectangles with a deformed leather texture as is the sword handle. The font is Skeksis.

Edit: clarified Hints&Tips thread mentioned at C2F.

Superman - Believe!

Superman - Believe!Popular
SubmitterLocalHeroMore Photos from LocalHero   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/14 9:53
Hits2818  Comments6    
Just keeping my hand in with manipping really. Here we have Marcus Schenkenberg (whom I've used before - see my 'Blink' piece) as a younger Man of Steel. Had to do a fair bit of cleaning up on the original image as there was a lot of text to remove. The costume was made by first creating a composite texture made up from three separate elements - leather, faux suede, and chainmail (much reduced in size) - to try and give it some texture (similar to spidey's movie costume which I love the texture on the blue sections) Then I created a layer to apply the texture. Using the lasso tool to create appropriate areas, the texture is applied at various angles to match the body shape at that area. I then mask of the extra leaving the areas that would be the suit. Using the same mask I duplicate the original model layer, tweaking the muscles and smoothing/smudging where necessary. this layer is then duplicated again with the original layer's mode was set to multiply and the second layer's mode set overlay. The logo was created from scratch in vectors a while back for another project, simply here reduced and distorted to fit the chest then used to create selections to apply the soft embossed feel.

I tried to give the cape a believable flowing feel, not sure if I did, but I like how it turned out. It started with a solid block of color on a layer behind supes. Using the lasso tool I created gradually darker blocks of the red (using HSL adjustment) to give the feel of folds in the cape. The same method used to create supes shadow on the cape. Then used free hand soften tool to blend all the shades together. Over the whole lot applied a gradient fill to darken the cape further where it curves over the shoulder to light at the bottom. The actual shoulder pieces are on a layer to the front of supes, again beginning with a couple of solid blocks of color. Used gradients, the lasso and HSL to create the tighter folds and wrinkles (where it's stitched/joined to the costume). Over the whole lot I introduced some granularity. This had the effect of giving the cape some texture post smoothing.

blended in the flag in the background to further enhance the 'belief in something larger than yourself' feel.

Edit: Added more creation notes on costume and cape.

Kelly Brook as WonderWoman

Kelly Brook as WonderWomanPopular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/13 15:27
Hits4200  Comments7    
I LIED!!!!    (insert insane laughter here)   The madness consumes me!  One last cheesecake post tonight.   Peace!   -Leif.

Classic League

Classic LeaguePopular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/13 14:50
Hits9169  Comments10    
I think this'll be the last one tonight.  I should stop the insanity before I get banned...    Another older pic from when I first started w/ Poser.  The original is about 6 times bigger (and in better resolution)    -The team I grew up with!  No, really, I grew up with them.  The Flash and I went to the same high-school.  After school we'd go to his house for brownies.    mmmmmmm.....brownies......      -Leif.

Aveng(hers) Assemble!

Aveng(hers) Assemble!Popular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/13 14:41
Hits6189  Comments14    
Here's the sister piece to the last one.  I got a lot of requests to do a Marvel pic after the JLA one.   -Leif.   (you guys tired of this yet?)

Justice League of Amazons

Justice League of AmazonsPopular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/13 14:32
Hits6830  Comments16    
I'm on a roll!!!   Here's another older one.  Sort-of a gender-swap thing going on.  Sorry it's kinda big, couldn't bring myself to compress it further.   -Leif.

Junfan workout#2

Junfan workout#2Popular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/13 14:12
Hits4418  Comments9    
O.K. This is me being REALLY lazy!    I'm currently working on a large project, so I'm just re-hashing old stuff to stay active.  Sue me.     Enjoy!   -Leif.


SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/12 19:46
Hits3881  Comments4    
I did this one a couple of weeks ago.

Supergirl5 by batmic

Supergirl5 by batmicPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/12 14:05
Hits5193  Comments15    
finally finished this. i had to shrink it down quite a bit to make a more managable size.
this is my most frankenstiend piece ever!
in total, this is a mix of seven pics and i am really pleased with how it came out.
phew! on to the next one

Red Guardian

Red GuardianPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 21:32
Hits2295  Comments1    
Someone said this one should be bigger the first time I posted it. So I enlarged it a bit and also did some touch up

Robin the Girlwonder

Robin the GirlwonderPopular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 21:26
Hits3712  Comments6    
I had to rework the cape.(because someone pointed it out to me.) And I cleaned up a few spots here and there.


SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 20:55
Hits4536  Comments4    
this is also a reworked manip

The Captain.

The Captain.Popular
SubmitterJunFanMore Photos from JunFan   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 18:44
Hits2780  Comments6    
I saw a few Cap pics here, and thought I would dust off an old one of my own.   Had this one kicking around the C2F site, so I dragged it over here.  I can't remember the bodybuilders name, but I guess I was in a patriotic mood that day...
Peace!    -Leif.

Huntress by Heroglyph

Huntress by HeroglyphPopular
SubmitterHeroglyphMore Photos from Heroglyph   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 18:43
Hits5295  Comments9    
This is the Silver Age, Earth-2 version of the Huntress, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman.

Gen 13

Gen 13Popular
SubmitterhitechartistMore Photos from hitechartist   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 18:42
Hits4207  Comments9    
I've never personally posted anything here, but since my Lady Death has been posted by one of your members. I figured, I would post something a little bit newer.

John Stewart

John StewartPopular
SubmitterDPercefulMore Photos from DPerceful   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 18:42
Hits2252  Comments1    
Basically found a Poser model of John Stewart and whipped it up in Poser 5. Posed him and rendered. That's it for Poser.
Photoshop: Created the entire background in Photoshop (it's an old space background I did a while back, found it useful here). Slapped John in the pic and touched him up in photoshop. I smoothed out the suit, evened up some muscle lines and took some liberty with adding some division lines and some minor seams to the suit. The power signatures are my standard outer glows set to linear dodge. Added the text with a black backdrop so it would deaden the brightness of the stars and not take away from John. Thanks to B for the input.


SubmitterAndroidMore Photos from Android   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 18:41
Hits4344  Comments10    
1. Source: Cory Everson from

2. Commenting image: Many marks of bullets in a wall and an untouched Fairchild in front of it. In this angle, the face of Cory Everson is very similar to the Adam Hughe's drawings. Amazing.

3. Making of:
Step 01: Resizing the image. The original image was very small. I increased it and, from that, I had to clean it. It took time.
Step 02: Creating new left arm. The left hand was placed below the waist. In truth, I censured the position of this hand.
Step 03: Creating uniform. It also took a considerable time. The hexagonal standard was distorted to mold itself to the body of the heroine (Shear and Spherize).
Step 04: Creating background. It was made from the mixture of many textures. The bullet marks had been easily created and multiplied.


SubmitterBMore Photos from B   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 18:37
Hits2716  Comments5    
I was going to save this for later, but then I realized there's not much left that I really want to post here.

This is a character I created for an original concept theme day at C2F. I wrote up a huge bio, which you can find at (How do I make this a link?) I won't post it here, to save myself the wrath of Max. :)

This was originally Audrey Tautou's head (and neck) on Yasmeen Ghauri's body. Yasmeen was wearing a pink swimsuit thingy and clear plastic boots that I had to get rid of. I cleaned up the skin a bit, then desaturated to recolour it. I redid the original hair in similar style but totally different colours. The costuming is entirely from scratch, including the fishnets, boots, belt and tank top. I was going for a sort of mismatched punk look... like she randomly grabbed a bunch of clothing matching a particular aesthetic without any real care as to whether it fit together. The background was done in Bryce and smudged to match the painted look. The catwalk texture is mine, the bricks aren't. Finally, the lighting was done using a mask.

This is (by far) my favourite of my own manips.

Bloodfire by Winterhawk

Bloodfire by WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 18:37
Hits3493  Comments11    
Here is my original character for this months challenge.
She is a bad guy from a universe of characters i created long ago when i was young. If you want more infomation please read the attached comment.


SubmitterBrickMore Photos from Brick   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 18:37
Hits4228  Comments12    
For the April manip challange (If a few more people play we can make it official).

My original character...
Overly optimized for the web (68kb) but I think the end result was interesting.

This is a character that heromorphed from its original inception (way) back in the day when I was enamored with the pseudo-science of the 'official handbooks'.  Please read the first post for the full effect and let me know what you think.

I'm not entirely happy with her moniker, but its better than the original.
I guess she morphed into working class Thor.

I had fun reliving/revamping the ol' orig. character phase.
Thanks again.


Raven by batmic

Raven by batmicPopular
SubmitterBatMicMore Photos from BatMic   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 18:36
Hits3718  Comments10    
here's my entry for the original character contest.
this is a design i've had for a number of years now i call him Raven. now i know that there are other characters with that name, but if we can have two different Captain Marvels then this should be okay.
in short, this is my batman.
in the future the central belt of Scotland has merged to become one big city, with crime escalating and rival gangs, The Glazwieginz and the Edinboyz fighting, one man rises to the call. with superior strength, reflexes and intelligence they don't stand a chance.
he also has retractable wings, and enhanced vision.
hope you like it!


SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 18:35
Hits3195  Comments9    
J-LO is... Jell-O!
jennifer lopez, in an unfortunate mishap filming a commercial with Bill cosby, was tranformed into the unlikely heroine, Jell-O. Now when she shakes her... um , thang, the quivering induces a hypnotic trance to all who witness the magnificent booty-shake!
POST A MESSAGE WITH A BAD PUN! C'mon, you know you're thinkin it!

Valkyrie last one

Valkyrie last onePopular
SubmitterAkimMore Photos from Akim   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 2:06
Hits4018  Comments2    
and here the final version from her

Shadowrun RPG character

Shadowrun RPG characterPopular
SubmitterAkimMore Photos from Akim   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 2:05
Hits3321  Comments2    
here you can see my first non-adult section post my Shadowrun-RPG character

Candy Cane By Winterhawk

Candy Cane By WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 2:03
Hits4521  Comments8    
Merry Christmas Everyone.

Offspring/Christmas Challenge.
The grown UP daughter of Santa Claus and Elasti-Girl. She put the jolly into old saint nick.
I had the idea for the character and i needed a break from the other manip i was doing, so here she is. powers include size control, elasticity, super strength, healing factor, and knowing who is naughty and who is nice.

Noelle Blaze by  Jover

Noelle Blaze by JoverPopular
SubmitterJoverMore Photos from Jover   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 2:03
Hits3998  Comments6    
My effort for the holiday/offspring challenge, Noelle Blaze the Spirit of Christmas Vengeance. The child of Johnny Blaze the original (and best) Ghost Rider and one of Santa's daughters. Blessed with the love of Christmas from her mother's family and cursed with the demon that haunted her father's life, Noelle uses her powers to bring punishment to all the evil Grinches and Scrooges of the world.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

bludwynd and tristis

bludwynd and tristisPopular
SubmitterBillyMore Photos from Billy   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2004/7/11 2:00
Hits2438  Comments2    
here is my rpg character and his girlfriend...i think this one was better than nightwing(my last post), but now i don't know...but thanx for the advice winterhawk...i guess i need all of it i can get. i'll keep trying. see you guys again soon...enjoy


SubmittermatrixblurMore Photos from matrixblur   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 1:53
Hits3850  Comments9    
Okay, Dragondack. Here is what I came up with. Thanks for the base pic. The first issue of Matixblur mag's cover story, features the women of Thuderbolts.

Comic Babes By Winterhawk

Comic Babes By WinterhawkPopular
SubmitterWinterhawkMore Photos from Winterhawk   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2004/7/11 1:51
Hits7435  Comments13    
After I finished my part on the first Call to Arms picture. I thought I would try a Multiple Character manipulation myself. If i knew we were going to be doing a new Call to arms project I probable would have saved this picture for that but alas that is not the case. What i Found difficult on this one, each model had a swimsuit on. some one peice and others two piece suits. some of the forms and shape of the bodies were gone so i had to comprimise will some of the shapes of the costumes. The biggest example is Wonder Woman, the WW on her chest does not really form to her body because of the swim suit. I also made it a good size for wallpaper. for those looking for a new desktop. All in all I am pleased with this one.
As normal Comments & critiques are welcome.

Photo No. 16801-16835 (out of 17426 photos hit)