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Alien Worlds #19  "Ridin Aboreal World"

Alien Worlds #19 "Ridin Aboreal World"Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2017/3/8 23:19
Hits323  Comments2    
I figured it was time for #19 of my
Alien Worlds covers and to keep my buddies
Taz,Pijon & Starchild Happy we will keep to our
favorite models face,
Enjoy Boys!


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2017/3/8 13:07
Hits173  Comments1    

chen zhen vs wong fei hung

chen zhen vs wong fei hungPopular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2017/3/8 12:56
Hits152  Comments2    
welcome to kungfoooo akshun theater !!! just finished morphing genesis versions of two of the greatest martial artists of all time- if any of ya'll are fans of them you might be able to figure out who the are from the title.a little clue ,both characters actually played the first name in the title...
i would loved to have seen them on film together but only if it was made in asia, by golden harvest or somebody like that.only because one or both would have gone down with the honor their films always portrayed.
anyhoo enjoy peeps,

Who's afraid of Diana Prince?

Who's afraid of Diana Prince?Popular
SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2017/3/6 12:34
Hits220  Comments2    
hiya peeps,
does anybody remember this wonder woman tv movie ?i found it a few months ago.yeah it was cheesy but cathy lee was a hottie lol.that and i needed a little reference help.pluuus being a looong time ww fan i would be so wrong for not including her in my pluuuus i've never seen a 3d cathy lee or her ww suit.
anyhoo i hope ya'll continue enjoy my projects...
be ez,


SubmitterwhizMore Photos from whiz   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2017/3/6 12:03
Hits192  Comments4    
hey peeps,
a while ago we ere talking about green arrow being rarely seen in 3d. i kinda challenged myself to come up with one. it took a while to get an outfit together and learn daz's genesis system.i'm kinda hooked on the being able to transfer morphs and textures between the different versions.
anyhoo i came up with something between arrow,GA and robin of locksley...i hope ya'll like it...stay tuned btw... i've been dabbling around with some other little seen heroes lately as well.let's see if i can spark some memories
~  lee

A-Z Comic Characters Name Game: Round One

A-Z Comic Characters Name Game: Round OnePopular
SubmitterLady HeromorphMore Photos from Lady Heromorph   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2017/3/5 10:40
Hits185  Comments2    
We've been playing a fun little game in the forums where a person will post the name and image of a comic character and the next person will do the same only with a name starting with the following letter in the alphabet. It is a fun and easy game. You can find it here
So following up on an excellent suggestion by Dark Wanderer, I've put together a collage of all the images used in round one. We're almost through a 3rd round now. I see a lot of lurkers enjoying this but I'm a little disappointed to see only the mods playing. Please join in. It's even more fun to play than it is to watch.


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2017/3/5 7:16
Hits244  Comments3    

Look, Up in the Sky...It;s a Bird...

Look, Up in the Sky...It;s a Bird...Popular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2017/3/4 11:20
Hits237  Comments4    
"Fraggin right I'm givin' 'em th' bird... flippin' Watchtower an' th' Justice League, ya fraggin' bastages!"

Fanboy and Mary Jane go see Logan

Fanboy and Mary Jane go see LoganPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2017/3/3 16:43
Hits235  Comments2    
Fanboy as Old Man Logan and Mary Jane as X-23 go see the latest, and I'm pretty sure last, Wolverine movie

Here she is...

Here she is...Popular
SubmittersaurMore Photos from saur   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2017/3/3 2:33
Hits326  Comments2    

You Shouldn't Be In A Cage

You Shouldn't Be In A CagePopular
SubmitterDrawolf25More Photos from Drawolf25   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2017/3/1 4:47
Hits281  Comments1    

HOT WINGS: ON ALIEN WING! by Jinky Coronado & Mel Joy San Juan

HOT WINGS: ON ALIEN WING! by Jinky Coronado & Mel Joy San JuanPopular
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2017/2/28 12:43
Hits318  Comments3    
Splash page line art for the first HOT WINGS story.  Rough layout by me, finished art by Mel Joy San Juan.

Hope you like it!


-- Jinky
HOT WINGS TM & © 2017 Glass House Graphics


SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/2/26 21:28
Hits233  Comments2    
After learning that the bad guys are actually good guys who basically didn't know their own strength, I am stuck with the unenviable task of explaining it to the other Obsidian's.  I stare out of the window to the empty stars as I'm fond of doing and I pour myself an Ice cold drink...and it''s blue. The sweet tasting beverage is of some elvish make and is a bit thick and syrupy. The euphoric rush of the intoxicating ambrosia comes quickly as a result of not having had alcohol in some time. My wife Ai walks into my office to look in on me and her black skin glistens amidst the alcoholic haze. While her skin color is odd it also feels normal so I don't say anything.

"Why does your brow furrow so husband?"

"I'm struggling with how  to deliver bad news.  Well not so much bad as it is news that will not be well received."

"So the aliens were misguided an there was a misunderstanding...tell them what they need to hear."

As she speaks the sun peaks through the windows and is nearly blinding so I turn away from the light  I hear a voice, it's a female and sounds very familiar. I step out of the office and onto the busy streets and I'm nearly run down by a car.

My heart races as I realize I could've been killed. I make my way down the street to the towering office buildings that make up the downtown area. I hear what can only be the roar of a aircraft of some kind and I can hear voices. I can't quite make out the words but I do hear gunfire. I turn a corner and there my crew are fighting some...thing.  Shadawar is yelling.

"I have him!We have to get out of here!"

I turn to run but no matter  how hard I try I can't seem to move, like I'm running in slow motion. I feel heavy.

"Give him the stimulant."  Someone yells and I think yeah Give me a  I can....

"Wake up!!  Come on Wake up!! We're in bad shape Obsidian wake the hell up!!!"

I struggle to focus my eyesight, and there's a foul taste in my mouth.  I realize I've been asleep but I don't know what happened I'm disoriented and confused, and I do a backpedal away from whoever the hell is holding me.

In an instant I'm armed and armored with a gun in my hand pointed in the general direction of all the commotion. I can't see my cybernetics aren't on line and everything is white and blurry.

"God, Look at his eyes!"

"Holy crap they're...they're normal."

"Normal, whose eyes...I can't it my eyes?"

I can now clearly hear Panterra and Aini along with more of my crew. The grogginess is wearing off but my eyesight refuses to return. I can see the HUD on my helmet but it's all fuzzy.

"Obsidian it's Panterra, Listen to me! You and most of your crew were somehow rendered unconscious and were taken. The Scions and I have come to rescue you!"

"Okay...okay...But I can't see pal."

"They did something to your eyes regenerated them somehow.  Your implants are gone and I'm guessing your loss of eyesight is a result. Unless you have some magic it's going to take time."

"I have some magic."

With that my sword and pistol exchange places and I cast a healing spell.  Instantly my eyesight returns and the information I normally get is all but gone. Fortunately my helmet uses redundant systems so I can still target. Putting my sword back I poke my gun over the makeshift cover to see what the hell is happening.  There are fires everywhere and several explosions as the Scions battle some unknown foe...a giant shadow demon monster thing. Thunderbolt is distracting the thing as Infinity Man tries to pummel it with energy. Black Scarab is trying to close the portal  that it's trying to break through and the others are holding off demonic minions. I get to my feet and ask

"What do you need me to do?"

"Got more magic?"


With that I charge head first at the damned thing launching every kind of spell I can think of including a banishment spell.  While the magic may come from my sword it is nonetheless highly effective against the creature and as it recoils Scarab is able to close the rift. After a few minutes of battling with the lesser minions it's Q&A time.

Back aboard my hip (which I have yet to name) I find out that for the last three months I have been sedated in a lab.  My captors were attempting to use me as some sort of brainwashing program.  Apparently My assassin skills were to be put to use for the good of the Krihan corporation.  They were trying to make me and my crew into their personal killing machines. To make matters worse I have already been used quite effectively to kill at least one diplomat.  The idea was to have me believe I was fighting some sort of alien invasion and working with other versions of myself they would send me on missions to do their killing all the while thinking I was helping defeat some great evil.  Bastards.

"Their plan might have worked were you not so strong willed." Cerebron adds, "Your mind countered their illusion with a means of escape, and somehow transformed the villain into misunderstood heroes."  

"How did you know about..."

Cerebron simply taps his finger on his helmet and I don't bother finishing my sentence.  The most powerful psionic in the five galaxies probably saw the whole thing.
Aini walks through the door and with a squeel of delight wraps her arms around me.

"Master you're alright...we were so worried."

Ai walks in her face somber, almost sad.

"Ai, what's wrong?"

"There have been casualties husband."

"How many? Who?"

She bursts into tears unable to contain her grief, and Aini bows her head sadly.

"What the...?"

Shadawar places his hand upon my shoulder and leans close to my ear.  

"We lost two of your wives sir. Sabrina and your fourth wife are both in the sickbay with critical injuries."

"Look darling, I say holding Ai's face in my hands, "I can bring them back...As long as I have my sword"

A tear falls from Aini's eyes...

"No Master, you cannot."

"What are you talking about, this blade gives me the power to restore life to anyone no matter the condition of the body."

"It is not the body that is the problem master."

"There souls were devoured!!! BY that thing." Ai sobs.

The room is quiet and no one speaks for a very long time.

Where did the demon come from?

"They summoned it to hold us off" Black scarab says somberly..."they made their escape while we battled, we saved millions of live by defeating it but there was a great loss of life despite that victory.

"You would have been proud of them, they fought valiantly as warriors..they didn't not shrink nor did they falter.  Their final thoughts were of you and the people of the colonies below." Thunderbolt's words ring hollow.  it's not exactly a fair trade.

"How did they do all of this? Where do I find them and who is at the top of my deathlist!!"

Infinity Man places his hand on my chest.

"Clam down old friend, you can't simply go in guns blazing."

"I appreciate your help, heavens know. I know that right now you think you're doign the right thing by trying to be the voice of reason...but they violated me in a way you cannot begin to appreciate.  They killed my family, and injured my family. So please understand that it is with respect and a rage you cannot fathom when I say...if you don't get your hand off me I'll remove it at the wrist...Old friend."

The most powerful man in the universe draws his hand back and allows me my moment of bravado. I'm no match for him but he knows my grief is too strong to be rationalized with right now.

"Take some time, a day or two, mourn your loved ones and we'll take a fresh approach at this.  We are all Scions of Justice here and an attack on one is an attack on us all.  We will fight this enemy together."

Black scarab is the group leader...but they're on my ship and here I'm in charge...I want blood.  There are dead to to tend to and tears to shed...My family will have it's pound of flesh for this...Somebody's head will roll.


Bill Paxton Tribute

Bill Paxton TributePopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryTV and Movies    Last Update2017/2/26 17:51
Hits291  Comments3    
William "Bill" Paxton was an American actor and director.
The films in which he appeared include The Terminator,
Weird Science, Aliens, Predator 2, True Lies,
Apollo 13, Twister, and Titanic.

Born: May 17, 1955, Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Died: February 25, 2017
Height: 1.8 m
TV shows: Big Love, Texas Rising, Hatfields & McCoys, more
Spouse: Louise Newbury (m. 1987), Kelly Rowan (m. 1979–1980)

Buddy comic "It's all in the jeans!"

Buddy comic "It's all in the jeans!"Popular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/2/26 16:53
Hits177  Comments0    
In my latest Buddy comic, I tried to make it look like a half page Archie comic but it kinda come out looking like a Sunday comic strip. Either way, I didn't realize how dated this joke was until I was about half way done with it. It's all about yoga pants nowadays, isn't it?

AN Alien Ship

AN Alien ShipPopular
SubmitterDrawolf25More Photos from Drawolf25   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2017/2/25 6:05
Hits262  Comments2    

praying angel

praying angelPopular
Submittervash99More Photos from vash99   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/2/23 0:39
Hits209  Comments3    
in memory of my uncle david who passed away before christmas

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #5

Adventure: The Miss From S.I.S. #5Popular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/2/22 15:58
Hits418  Comments2    
"The Casual drinks Affair"

Crystal-Lynn is out for drinks and tales of all
types with an old dear agent friend of hers.
She is just pumping him for general information on
the goings on of all the national and global crimes
for her own organization, But she is will to pump
him for other things after cocktails too?


Excellent! Popular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2017/2/21 23:40
Hits195  Comments2    
The Leader Variant Cover from my Groundhog Day Entry


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2017/2/21 12:53
Hits191  Comments0    


Submitterhalcon89More Photos from halcon89   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2017/2/21 9:41
Hits253  Comments2    

Ground Hog Day: Excellent

Ground Hog Day: ExcellentPopular
SubmittermagnuschMore Photos from magnusch   CategoryMarvel Comics    Last Update2017/2/20 14:14
Hits213  Comments5    
The Leader figured out a way to siphon off some of Barry's speed force in order to capture at least one Hulk...

Period Piece: Wonder Woman Nouveau

Period Piece: Wonder Woman NouveauPopular
SubmitterpijonMore Photos from pijon   CategoryMonthly and other challenges    Last Update2017/2/18 17:36
Hits259  Comments9    
Since lateness seems to be a running theme with me lately, I decided to make this possibly the latest challenge entry ever (by around 18 months, I think)! I tried to go with a Nouveau style even though I'm completely lacking here in the floral motifs which were prominent in this style. Anyway, on to the next thing I'm late with!

Wonder Girl, original version

Wonder Girl, original versionPopular
SubmitterMFMore Photos from MF   CategoryDC Comics    Last Update2017/2/17 17:12
Hits208  Comments1    
My attempt at the original Donna Troy version of Wonder Girl from the old 1960's version of the Teen Titans. (I was originally going to draw Raven but changed my mind. I still might do her down the road a bit.)

You did what why

You did what whyPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/2/16 10:28
Hits221  Comments2    
The alien spilled his guts thought not literally.  In no time it's just myself, Shadawar, Thunderbolt, and Panterra. When we arrive at the aliens citadel, we discover that the place is seriously well guarded.  I make a call to the other Obsidians and the battle begins.  I fly in through the chaos with the Wraith, and slip in completely unnoticed. Thunderbolt who once said he wouldn't follow me into a shopping mall sticks to my plan and the aliens who found it so very easy to take down my alternate selves are finding this hero a bit more difficult to manage. The ones that don't get electrocuted, are pummeled into sweet unconsciousness.  My sensors can barely perceive the action but what I catch is pretty cool. Thunderbolt's speed is unrivaled in all the known galaxies and it truly is a sight to behold. As the guards drop by the dozen as we continue to fight our way inside to the inner sanctum until finally we reach the center. The room is spherical with a throne in the center and 4 control panels surrounding the massive pedestal on which that throne sits. Upon that throne sits an alien unlike the others, larger more intimidating and garbed differently than the others. He rises to his feet and simply lifts his hand and a massive forcefield  springs to life.

"I applaud your tenacity, but you will not go any farther here."

Thunderbolt's lightning bounces harmlessly off the field completely ineffective, as does Panterra's shield, and my own bullets. Even Shadawar's Psi-Blade fails to so much as scratch the thing.

"Your weapons and powers will avail you nothing against this barrier."

"That may be true..." I add "But you're stuck inside. And the second you step foot outside of that thing I'm going to put you down. With the help of my friends of course."

He sighs and shakes his head.

"You are indeed the Prime, none of the others took so much as a second to contemplate gathering their allies.  They each were confident they could protect their friends and loved ones.  Never once did they think that perhaps their friends and allies could have saved them.  The loss of those was a tragedy, had we known the effect that our scans had on them we would have stopped sooner and avoided all this senseless conflict."

His words have me at a loss, I thought they wanted this conflict.

"You have me at a loss.  You were the ones who attacked us.  You've killed us by the thousands and now you say it was all an accident?"

"Our troops were sent simultaneously throughout the myriad realities.  Their mission was to seek out the prime Obsidian, and gain his...your...assistance.  Time has not passed for us as it has for all of you. For my people it has been mere weeks since I order the search and my soldiers have only just returned. Their reports of your deaths were most alarming, and quite unexpected. The energy pulse we used was supposed to be harmless, but on those who were not the prime it simply destroyed their life force. When their allies attacked my men, they defended themselves. So much death, and now it has to end."

"Is this some sort of trick? Do you expect us to believe you meant no harm to us after your people slaughtered us by the thousands?  You have got to be insane."

All of my scans from Voice Stress Analysis, to Heartbeat Monitoring, say he's telling the truth or at least he believes he is.  Still there's a lot of dead folks to answer for. There is only one way however, to tell if he means what he says.

"Fine.  Let's say I believe you. Drop this forcefield and turn yourself over to my custody, and we'll talk."

he takes a deep breath and I wait for him to refuse...but he doesn't.

"So be it.  If that is the only way to end this I will surrender and my soldiers will stand down. We are at your mercy."

He gives the order to his men and the fight is over. We escort him to an interrogation room to be questioned as soon as we figure out exactly what it is we want to ask. I for one cannot believe how this has twisted around. They went from die hard enemy to just giving up.  It just doesn't kae sense.

"So egghead, what do we do now?"

Thunderbolt's question is the one on everyone's mind right now and I honestly don't have an answer.

'Captain, I believe our first step must be to ask the question: Why were they doing this in the first place."

"Captain?" Thunderbolt asks Shadawar wryly.  "Wait a second, you actually call this guy Captain?"

"Obsidian has proven himself to be a more than competent commander and leader.  As captain he always has his crew's best interest and we are each willing to lay down our lives for him and he for us."

"Well I'll be damned."  Thnderbolt says in disbelief.

"What?" I ask in return certain there'll be some smartass remark for my trouble.

"Well it just that I never thought you'd grow up. I guess it takes elves a bit longer but it happens, consider me impressed."



"Kiss my ass."

"There's the Obsidian I know."

"If you two are quite done we have more important things to do."

Panterra, ever the voice of reason is nonetheless right. We'll have time for useless chatter later.

So the question to ask is: Why did they need the Prime in the first place? Hopefully this whole nightmare will be over soon.

Spicy Western Stories #1 Montana Jones

Spicy Western Stories #1 Montana JonesPopular
SubmitterDragondackMore Photos from Dragondack   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2017/2/15 19:34
Hits385  Comments2    
Out of the confusion of the previous Corrupt Office.
A Newly appointed Peace Officer has been elected.
Big Sky Country has a New Sister Protector.
“Montana Jones” and her family go back generations,
in this Mountainous region and have always stood for Justice.
Now everybody know things are going to be very Different,
Because “There’s a New Sheriff in Town”

Conan 4385  Curse of the  Chimera.jpg

Conan 4385 Curse of the Chimera.jpgPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/2/12 20:13
Hits203  Comments2    
Conan 4385, challenges the guardian of the temple of Imurgh, a deadly Chimera.  It is not clear which of the two is in more Conan is every bit as fierce as  any Chimera.

Chimera's possess the head and body of a massive lion (nearly 4 times the size of a regular lion) but have the head of a great Ram and a Dragon. Some have the dragon's head attached to their tail while other have it mounted next to the others. Chimera's can fly with their massive wings and are incredibly dangerous.  Chimera's have a mean temper at all times and should not be approached if it can be avoided, the can bite with any or all of their heads and as a bonus can breathe fire like a true dragon. While not as potent as a true Dragon's fire it nonetheless dangerous. Their claws are nearly the size of daggers and are fully retractable.  They  can tear through the toughest non-conventional armors although magical armor seems to be more resilient against their attacks.  Fortunately these massive beasts are not possessed of great intelligence being only marginally smarter than the average canine.  However, even with that much intelligence they refuse to be tamed, and have turned on anyone foolish enough to try even if trained from birth.  Chimera's in the wild reproduce by laying clutches of eggs, so evil are these creatures that their first act upon hatching is to kill and devour their siblings. So that no more than one in every clutch survives, and as vicious as they are it's a good thing too.  Chimera's are fiercely territorial and will attack anyone and anything that encroaches upon their domains...even being foolish enough to attack full grown dragons.

VIXENS OF VALOR #2 (Final color) by Jinky Coronado, Mel Joy San Juan, and Katrina MaeHao

VIXENS OF VALOR #2 (Final color) by Jinky Coronado, Mel Joy San Juan, and Katrina MaeHaoPopular
SubmitterJinkyCoronadoMore Photos from JinkyCoronado   CategoryOther Comics    Last Update2017/2/11 20:11
Hits478  Comments6    
Final color version of the second VIXENS OF VALOR pinup!  Layout by me, art by Mel Joy San Juan, color by Katrina Mae Hao.

Thoughts, please?

-- Jinky
VIXENS OF VALOR TM & Marc Heller & Glass House Graphics
Art © 2017 Marc Heller & Glass House Graphics

Dungeons and not Dragons

Dungeons and not DragonsPopular
SubmitterObsidianMore Photos from Obsidian   CategoryOriginal Characters    Last Update2017/2/11 0:17
Hits198  Comments1    
After questioning the traitor we discover that the Aliens that have been attacking us may not necessarily be doing it for sinister purposes.  We've gotten the temporal coordinates for a temple of sorts  and have infiltrated the place and are making our way through to the inner most reaches. As one might suspect the place is loaded with traps, as I assumed it would be. The whole scenario is playing out like some sort of bad movie. everything is so cliche. Panterra and Shadawar along with Obsidian Psi-Mage are close '
behind. As we make our way I can't help but notice the how ancient the whole  place seems.  My scan set it at millions of years and some of it is crumbling.  The walls are covered in ancient hieroglyphs which my computer is trying to decipher with no success. There's some magic at work here but it's carefully hidden.  We can detect is presence but not what type or purpose. Panterra begins sniffing...literally, as though he has caught a scent.  

"Stop" he says cautiously "I've picked up an unfamiliar scent, very fresh."

"Which way?"

"Ahead and then around the first corner."

"You have point then."

As Panterra moves to the front of our party the Psi-Mage speaks up.

"Are you certain that is a good idea? He's not one of us."

"I know and that's what I'm counting on. Speaking of which, how come none of you guys brought your friends along? Seems like a logical move."

"This was thought to be best handled by only the Obsidian's.  Our friends have no knowledge of these events."

"You kept it a secret? Are you guys all riding the short bus?  What did you think you were protecting them from? Nothing good comes from keeping things from your friends simply because you think they wouldn't understand, or because you're trying to protect them.  I don't do anything alone, as you'll soon see."

As we turn the corner the place opens up into row upon row of pillars with what appears to be an altar in the center. Stealthily we make our way to the center and spread out to make a more difficult target. A lone figure stands in the center and what at first appeared to be a simple altar can now be seen clearly for the command console that it is. The alien operating it doesn't seem to notice us as we get closer and closer.  Then suddenly without warning he raises his hand and The Psi-Mage is gone, vaporized in a flash of blue-white light along with the pillar he was hiding behind.  The little bastard's victory is short lived as a red shuriken impales his hand.  A split second later it explodes removing said hand and sending the creature flying. Before it can recover it's lifted high into the air and dangles their unable to move thanks to Shadawar's Psionics. I draw my pistol and tell the red skinned being

"I'm not sure if you know how this works but I promise you two things: You're gonna answer my questions, and It's gonna hurt each time you don't."

Then he starts laughing, and it doesn't take long to figure out why.  In his good hand is a detonator. I scan the place frantically searching for explosives and find plenty.  The whole place is rigged to blow The thing speaks but my on board translators can't decipher itBut I know what he's saying...and before he can make good on it a voice comes over my comms.

"Don't sweat pal, I got this one."

The room lights up for just a split second and I know what just happened. I lift my faceplate and look right at the alien and say boldly.

"Go for it!"

He smiles smugly and depresses the button...but nothing happens. He looks puzzled and presses the button over and over and over Still nothing.  From the shadows a voice, the same voice from my comms, says.

"The thing about detonators is, they don't work without these..."

Stepping from the shadows Thunderbolt hold up a couple of tiny fusion batteries which only a split second ago, were in the detonator the alien was holding.

"Like I said, Questions, let's get started."

Groundhog Day: Nothing good ever comes of him seeing his Shadow...

Groundhog Day: Nothing good ever comes of him seeing his Shadow...Popular
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My Entry for the Groundhog Challenge.

Let's Get Squachy!

Let's Get Squachy!Popular
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Richard Hatch Tribute

Richard Hatch TributePopular
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Richard Hatch,Battlestar Galactica Star,Passes Away at 71.

Richard Lawrence Hatch was an American actor, writer,
and producer best known for his role as Captain Apollo
in the original Battlestar Galactica television series,
and also as Tom Zarek in the 2003 remake of
Battlestar Galactica.

His first major role came in “The Streets of San Francisco”
as Inspector Dan Robbins in 1976, the final season
of the detective show.

But his most famous part was Captain Apollo in the
1978 “Battlestar Galactica” TV show, a role for
which he was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Over the years, Hatch also made guest appearances
on shows including “The Waltons,” “Hawaii Five-O”
and “Baywatch.”

Born: May 21, 1945 · Santa Monica, CA

Died: Feb 7, 2017

Height: 5' 11" (1.80 m)

Spouse: Jo Marie

Children: Paul Michael Hatch (Son)

Education: Los Angeles Harbor College


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I take the Wraith to visit an old friend on a distant colony in the outer Traverse in the MIlky Way and I'm hoping to have a nice visit.  I hop out of the cockpit and cross the gangway and right there, next to the doorway what do I see? I giant blue police box...I know who that is and all I can think is Dear gods not him. Smug self righteous son of a...Why here why now? The last time we met all had to say was a bunch of condescending remarks about how I am a soldier and how my first thought is to kill what I don't understand...Galifreyans think they know everything. Nevermind that he's singlehandedly responsible for killing more living beings than I have in 300 years. Besides, he can't even claim moral high ground...Elves are the first race, the elders of the universe.  Time Lords bah, meddling around with time and space, it was them who got everyone sucked into the Time wars with the Daleks...nobody every mentions that we were there too. Time lords think themselves  near immortal, long lived is not the same as immortal. But I digress, I know if he's here then trouble isn't far behind.

"Well," I mutter switching the ammo in my pistols to lethal rounds,  "I never killed anyone who didn't tryo kill me first and I'm quite certain the good Doctor is gonna find something that's gonna try to kill me."

It doesn't take long before I see his companion, always a mortal Solaran, and female most of the time.  This one is cute too. Short little brunette with a cute face and big brown eyes. The doctor himself could've changed faces by now but I'd recognize either his senility or arrogance anywhere.  However, I'm just gonna scan for dual heartbeats or that blasted sonic device he carries. Sound I mean seriously who uses sonics like that?  Neural linked yet? I hope it's Daleks, god I love putting holes in their metal asses...they always seem so surprised every time I do it, like they cornered the market on deflection shielding and energy weapon....Exterminate exterminate!!! Ugh they're always yelling with those synthetic voices of theirs.  Ooh I just had a thought, CYbermen...I love shooting those guys too. Not as Badass as say the Borg but same MO, assimilate. Godslayer in hand I keep the blade retracted and ghost the Doctor's Companion, she'll lead me right to him. I'll let you know how this turns out.  Shh be vewy vewy quiet I hunting Doctow's huhuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuuh...sorry.

Lum & Ten

Lum & TenPopular
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For all you old school anime fans out there, here's the lovely Princess Lum and her little cousin Ten from the 1980's comedic series Urusei Yatsura, which translates to "Those Annoying Aliens!"

Heroes in a Half-shell...

Heroes in a Half-shell...Popular
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A little Turtle Power for you today...

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