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Photo No. 451-480 (out of 1361 photos hit)
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Ms. Marvel = Lady HM Challenge #1

Ms. Marvel = Lady HM Challenge #1Popular
SubmitterTazmanMore Photos from Tazman   Last Update2009/1/2 21:23
Hits6173  Comments16    
Re-awakened for (GOTW)

Hope you all like it.

Editors Note: The 8th challenge entry
Please click here to check the rest of the Lady Heromorph Challenge

Tigra Encourages Flossing Daily

Tigra Encourages Flossing DailyPopular
SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2009/1/1 18:25
Hits2922  Comments2    
Alternatively titled Tigra Shows her Tail

The Avengers (Again)

The Avengers (Again)Popular
SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/23 22:12
Hits2660  Comments0    
My second attempt at an Avengers group shot.  Much better than the first I believe but hopefully not nearly as good as the next one.


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/22 22:04
Hits2009  Comments2    
If Christopher Reeve worked for Marvel

SpiderWoman (Julia Carpenter)

SpiderWoman (Julia Carpenter)Popular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   Last Update2008/12/21 14:06
Hits3774  Comments5    
Yeah, I know she's called Arachne this days...

Just a simple pin-up image to get away from the more complex ones.
Base image from the jar with a franked head from some model.
Background from the excelent Biohaz`s Background Pack 1, available at the HM Download!

Happy Holidays, folks!      


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/18 21:09
Hits2451  Comments4    
Hey.  It's Blink.  In the dark woods.  Using her javelin thingy to make light.  I had higher aspirations for this but it's just one of those days when I don't feel like doing anything.  Don't worry.  I'll get better at this one day.


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/16 18:54
Hits2069  Comments0    
I don't know much about Echo except that she's deaf, she has the same power as Taskmaster, and she's better looking than Taskmaster.


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/14 18:11
Hits7160  Comments1    
The stream of B-list Avengers continues....  Randy Orton as Starfox - can't believe I'm the first one to do this one....


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/14 17:50
Hits2037  Comments2    
No particular words come to mind.


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/14 9:43
Hits2039  Comments2    
Not sure if this counts as a manip as only the hair is left from the original pic.  Thought this was going to be a total travesty but it turned out to only be a semi-travesty so I guess I can live with that.  Gave me good practice with shading anyway.  BTW if anyone wants to manip Lionheart, don't bother trying to get her exact costume because it was different in every pic of her I found.

The Vision

The VisionPopular
SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/12 16:13
Hits2153  Comments3    
My first attempt at a cape made from scratch.  Meh.  Hopefully I will get better.

Heroes 4 Hire

Heroes 4 HirePopular
SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/12 11:54
Hits3339  Comments6    
A repost of chowyspizz's heroes for hire with a blackened misty knight.  Came across it while browsing the gallery and apparently people don't like misty to be white.


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/10 21:54
Hits2299  Comments1    

The Other Fantastic Four

The Other Fantastic FourPopular
SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/12/5 21:43
Hits2202  Comments0    
Remember when the Fantastic Four were gone somewhere and these guys showed up and worked together for a couple of issues?  Yeah.  That was cool.


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/11/28 9:46
Hits2324  Comments1    
Not too happy with this one but here it is in all its mediocrity.


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/11/28 9:45
Hits1698  Comments1    
I think this HHH pic is probably the most popular base for a Thor manip but this is my take on it.

Captain America

Captain AmericaPopular
SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/11/27 13:02
Hits2293  Comments4    


SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/11/26 14:03
Hits2217  Comments3    
Enlarged original pic - hope quality does not go down too much.

Ms Marvel

Ms MarvelPopular
SubmittermovmadMore Photos from movmad   Last Update2008/11/26 14:03
Hits2892  Comments4    

Giant Girl

Giant GirlPopular
SubmitterWasmithMore Photos from Wasmith   Last Update2008/11/19 13:11
Hits4363  Comments7    
Updated version with desaturation per Android's suggestion.

Susan Storm (F4)

Susan Storm (F4)Popular
SubmitterZ71More Photos from Z71   Last Update2008/10/13 6:51
Hits4587  Comments13    
Hi there,

Well, this may be a first version of that photomanipulation. Actually, I'm personally not happy with that one (I don't know why) but I'm a little bit fed up with working on it... so I publish it "as it is". Depending on your comments, I'll decide if I go on with that picture or leave it like that forever...

So don't hesitate to put a comment and rate my work!



SubmitterTemnikMore Photos from Temnik   Last Update2008/10/10 14:02
Hits2563  Comments7    
Well, I always think that Arnie in his best years would be the best choise for the role of Punisher...That's why I made this Photomanipulation. I hope you'll like it!

Mystique and Blink

Mystique and BlinkPopular
Submitterjonnjonzz3972More Photos from jonnjonzz3972   Last Update2008/9/29 17:49
Hits3400  Comments12    
nothing to say

American Dream by Dark Knight

American Dream by Dark KnightPopular
SubmitterDark_Knight_DKMore Photos from Dark_Knight_DK   Last Update2008/9/25 21:17
Hits7000  Comments31    
I was gonna wait until the weekend to post this, but this pic turn out to be better than I expected, that now I can't wait to show you...

Someone here at HM told me to work small and think big, I didn't knew what it ment until I did this...the small details it's the best of this pic, I used a LOT of layers for all them.

The shield and all the gadgets on her wrist were a little difficult to make them look in the right angle.

Scarlet Witch does some magic. :)

Scarlet Witch does some magic. :)Popular
SubmitterWolverine1607More Photos from Wolverine1607   Last Update2008/9/21 19:00
Hits4253  Comments20    
Not sure what to say really. I am happy with the way this come out. Thought I'd give a little tribute here to Heromorph. One of my most favorites on the net. THis was a stock photo that was uploaded to the internet. Seen it and I really liked the look of it, just had to find out how I was going to use it. That's when I decided to to a Scarlet Witch. Not much more to say about it I guess here. Thanks

Captain America

Captain AmericaPopular
SubmitterSilverFangsMore Photos from SilverFangs   Last Update2008/9/14 7:30
Hits8910  Comments26    
Captain America Ultimate. Model: Stacy Keibler  

Father and Daughter...well, kinda...

Father and Daughter...well, kinda...Popular
SubmitterOCPMore Photos from OCP   Last Update2008/9/6 9:00
Hits3086  Comments10    
This started with the base for X-23 that when I found it  I wanted to do something with it. Later X-23 won a little poll I have at my blog and things started to be on place, by suggestion of Besenidru I knew it had to be with the face of Summer Glau (seems there's a lot of people thinking the same), so that part I frank on the original body...
When I added the background, then I thought the all scene so empty so I flipped X-23 a bit and thought why not include Wolverine as well?
After that, still seemed something was missing in the scene...... so I added a giant metalic hand.
It's up to you to say who it belongs. Friend or Foe?


Submitterjonnjonzz3972More Photos from jonnjonzz3972   Last Update2008/9/2 13:04
Hits2940  Comments6    
another of my favorite characters

Summer Glau as X-23

Summer Glau as X-23Popular
SubmitterSonTenksMore Photos from SonTenks   Last Update2008/8/19 17:54
Hits2631  Comments7    
A quickie manip - a costume recolour and a couple of additions (claws and mask). Comments always appreciated.


SubmitterMadChaoMore Photos from MadChao   Last Update2008/8/8 5:56
Hits2141  Comments3    
Ok,so now we are into the not so old stuff.

Photo No. 451-480 (out of 1361 photos hit)
« 1 ... 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 (16) 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 ... 46 »