Re: computer problems

Posted by Wolf on 2009/6/5 11:36:00

Tartanninja wrote:
There is a possibility you have Vundo on your machine.

I discovered the hard way that Firefox lets in Viruses. I've switched to Google Chrome and haven't had any issues. Chrome is far superior and 'won' the annual Pwn2Own contest.

I hope this helps.

OK, TN...thanks for the help.

I'm currently at local library; hope to power up and 'fix' when I get home. My current OP Sys is "Last XP", w/Service Pack 2. Microsoft won't help me..."It's an outdated Op Sys."


Again, thanks for the help...if it don't work, may have to re-format computer; that will lose me a ton of hard-to-replace material, tough...but will do whatever needs to be done.

Charlie / 'Wolf'

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