Re: computer problems

Posted by Wolf on 2009/6/7 4:24:37

Wolverine1607 wrote:
Does sound like a Vundo to me here, they can hide and be tricky here sometimes. A lot of my users here at my work get things like these. Couple things, run Windows XP update here and upgrade to Service Pack 3 on this machine, there were security flaws that were changed and fixed here. As well IE 8 is not stable enough really here. May want to download a copy of IE 7 and re-installed. As well if you go to the Tools menu under the webrowser and choose to manage your add on's there are a lot of items that can sneak in for FireFox and IE that will put itself as an add on and can cause lot of headaches here. Manage the add ons, and check for ones you recognize, if it is only effecting the webrowsers part, uninstall one then re-install, then reinstall the other, restart clear cache for the browsers. Check Add-ons, upgrade to service pack 3. Hope this helps here...


Got it back up and running...ran 5 different 'anti-malware' programs...installed new anti-virus...and got several updates downloaded.

Now...7 and a half hours later...IT'S BACK!

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