Re: computer problems

Posted by Littlefoot3 on 2009/6/14 20:31:03
Try running av scans from safe mode. Make sure you have your Windows disc handy. You might need to replace some damaged files. Specifically sfc.exe

how to use it,
how it runs

Two other key programs you might want to run are
Process Explorer v11.33 by security expert Mark Russinovich. His company was purchased by MS and now he works for them.

Process Explorer which lists running processes, as well as who makes the process and much much more.

Autoruns (same creator) will let you safely turn items off (or delete the registry keys). Be very careful with the second one. Google things before turning them off. Don't delete something until you know exactly what it does.

A third powerful tool is hijack this

Here's detailed instructions on hijackthis

A powerful tool that allows you to remove viruses from the registry. Once again look up things before removing. Both AutoRuns and Hijack This are power user tools. You must be familiar with what's normal for your OS or at least use with extreme caution. If you want, there are many places you can post a hijack this log for help. Hope this helps!

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