Re: Store is broke

Posted by Oz2y on 2021/10/10 4:43:21

robert2654 wrote:
I Know this is an old post, but I cant make purchases or download anything from the store. I had to reset my password, but when i put it in at checkout it tells me that the email or password doesn't match whats on file.

Sorry, the store is broken due to some hacker's attack and we had to close it.

For the moment we only removed all links leading there from this site -- meaning any link stored in your brower's favs still work -- but as soon as the admin managing the store has some time or availability, it will be removed completely and replaced with the old downloads section we once had.

No ETA though as from my last contact with him, his PC burn down and no knowing when would be replaced... then the pandemic happened and since then no further contact from him.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


EDIT: Until the Store is properly fixed, I closed that section and made a redirect to this post.

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