Re: The Heromorph Awards 2009

Posted by co_04 on 2010/2/14 7:39:55
Okay, I'll admit my nominations are a bit unorthodox--plus they never win anyway--but you asked for it:

(All-around) Best Artiste (and Stalwart Dood): Android
Best Humour: MissVee
Best New Artist: Ms. Jinky
Best Artist's Trap: Android's "She-Hulk"
Best New Comic Characters: April Fewells; Miss V Showgirl From Hell
Best HM Personality: Mr. JrMcDeath
Best Shoutbox Lifeguard: Mr. Hazard
Best Shouter: Ms Redd
Most Improved Artist: Ms Redd, drunkendragon
Best avat: Wasmith
Best Mod: OCP
Best Administrator and Comic Store Owner: Mr. WH
And Best All-Around Comics Site on the 'net: HM of course!

Worst New Category Idea: Salon des Refuses

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