thoughts on returning home....

Posted by Billy on 2011/8/16 10:55:08
Hello, everyone. Thank you for taking just a minute of your time to read this. I've been known to go on some pretty long rants in the forums before, and in doing so, i have probably pissed more than a few morphers off..and for that i am truely sorry. But there comes a time when things just have to be said and this is my time. When i first came to this site, i thought my art was terrible (and believe me, it was) and i would get laughed off the internet. but you know what?

i didn't.

instead, i was met with kindness and sincerity, that you can only find in fan artists. eventually, i got better, and the more time i spent here, the more at home i felt. i made great friends along the way, no, i won't even call them friends, they became my brothers and sisters. And no matter what happened along the way good or bad, we all knew we could come here and in some small way, things were OK. everything was right in the universe, even if it was only for as long as we were logged in.

I'm not saying that we had no strife....far from it, but through it all, there was a feeling of camaraderie and community could always find someone here to talk too, and you never felt as if you were alone here. I had to take some time away because, lets face it, life got in the way, which it is always apt to do.

recently, i have returned, greeted by those who knew me, and some who didn't, and for that i am very grateful, but at the same time, i am saddened by what the site has become. please don't take this as knocking anybody in particular at all...I'm only saying that hero morph has become more mechanical than human. I think that some members don't realize just how much an encourage comment or post can boost an artists confidence and drive them to bigger and better heights in their work. Or exactly how much the simple act of saying hello in the shout box(no, it's not the same thing as the search box :) )can mean to a fellow morpher.

while some can be perfectly happy as lurkers, i just know in my heart that we can restore heromorph to her past glory if we all work together at it. This is the reason i try to goad people into talking in the shoutbox...i just want my heromorph back, and i want all of the new members to get the full effect of our home and our community here...heromorph was never just a site, she wasn't designed to be, but rather, an experience. I thank you for your time, and patience in reading this, and i hope i'm not the only one who feels this way.

your brother in art,

now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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