Re: Wich viewer do YOU like to read our comic section?

Posted by OCP on 2013/2/13 15:37:45

StarChild wrote:
pretty decent of you to have "Attack of the Bim-Bots" as the HM featured comic. This book is the main reason we need a new viewer. Because it was made so large I have to scroll down and over on each page and I still can't enjoy the pages the way they were meant to be viewed. I know you wanna give everyone a chance to offer some input..but can you at least make a choice for yourself in the meantime. Even if no one likes your's gotta be better than what we're dealing with right now.

Oh and BTW. i wanna change my vote to option 3.

One of the reasons for that,the other one being giving people a chance to vote, is my lack of free time.

But you make a good point and as soon as my free time permits, I'll start on this and change all comics to option 3.

Anyway, I'm feeling that almost no one cares since there's almost no votes on the poll above.

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