Posted by HubCap on 2013/9/18 9:23:23
Well we are officially in the 10th year anniversary of Heromorph.com I was a little off on the creation date it was 4/4/2003 NOT 4/4/2004. I did want to say a few things about Heromorph :

A little over 10 years ago I was posting my manips on geocities and got a lot of requests to do another page with other people's art that was being e-mailed to me. So I paid for a domain name and grabbed some php webpage builder and changed some code here and there to add multiple galleries and such and uploaded it to Heromorph.com . For about a year I ran things and was slowly getting behind on all the moderating , clean-up etc.. on the boards and galleries. I asked for and received much needed help from volunteers. Since then this community has grown and moved to different host servers, my original host shut us down multiple times for to much traffic, this community has also seen many artist get jobs and start careers in art. I wanted to thank all those that have helped because in their capable hands Heromorph has become what it is so if you are one of those people please take a bow in this thread for all you have done. For the unpaid and some times unappreciated time you have spent to keep this website going I THANK YOU.

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