DAZ Rigging?

Posted by Machobubba on 2016/5/26 16:32:17
Hello heromorphers, it's been a while but I plan a comeback soon, right now I'm trying to learn rigging with DAZ, it's been a train wreck. Can I get a helping hand from our fellow heromorphers, i can extract OBJs from WWE2K games with MATs, just can't get them rigged. the objs are dived in about 17 parts which can get exported and imported into DAZ individually but they export on there correct coordinates, so you get the full figure set to be grouped and rigged, I've tried rigging and I just can't put my finger on it. The purpose is for me to use them in art. The model are true to real life. Any fellow heromorpher mind to give me a helping hand rigging the characters. the men use the same skeleton and the women use the same skeleton.

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