Heromorph's Hall of Fame

Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2017/1/23 11:05:39

A place of special tribute to Heromorph's most legendary, talented and gifted artists


Black Canary

HubCap is a legend! He is da Man!

Not only is he a very good artist in his own right, as demonstrated by these images from his gallery, but without him I think it's safe to say that HeroMorph wouldn't exist. He was one of the founders of the site that would evolve into the HeroMorph that we all know and love.

It all started as an idea from HubCap and Black Alchemy. They were friends and were doing manips as part of a yahoo message board group.

The limitations of the yahoo group idea got HubCap thinking about starting his own site...

So he and Black Alchemy created the first version of HeroMorph back in April, 2003.

After a rough start with the site temporarily going offline, it came back for good in August, 2003. And that remains to this day HeroMorph's official anniversary!

Elektra Desktop 1280x960

With the creation of HeroMorph, HubCap helped set the tone and pave the path for many great Photomanipers to follow...

He also created a community of digital and traditional artists where everyone is welcome, no matter if they are a professional, an aspiring amateur or a simple aficionado.

HeroMorph is a place built by fans for fans, in order to help each other improve or just to have a great place to hang out.


Now I leave you with HubCap's own words posted here at HeroMorph during our 10th anniversary:

A little over 10 years ago I was posting my manips on GeoCities and got a lot of requests to do another page with other people's art that was being e-mailed to me.
So I paid for a domain name and grabbed some php webpage builder and changed some code here and there to add multiple galleries and such and uploaded it to Heromorph.com .
For about a year I ran things and was slowly getting behind on all the moderating , clean-up etc.. on the boards and galleries.
I asked for and received much needed help from volunteers. Since then this community has grown and moved to different host servers, my original host shut us down multiple times for too much traffic, this community has also seen many artist get jobs and start careers in art.
I wanted to thank all those that have helped because in their capable hands Heromorph has become what it is so if you are one of those people please take a bow in this thread for all you have done.
For the unpaid and some times unappreciated time you have spent to keep this website going I THANK YOU.

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