Are Minor Characters/Ideas Free to Grab?

Posted by OzZy on 2018/5/17 12:36:24
Apparently in the last couple days a discussion about creative property copyright broke out between Michael Netzer and Neal Adams.

I'm not taking sides here as how I see it, there is a lot of "he said, she said" going on...

And Neal Adams reply:
Read More at Bleeding Cool

I've been following it with some curiosity and reading the comments and some of them caught my attention:

This Comments!!
In the opinion of this people, as I understand it, it is OK to steal/borrow someone else idea/character IF its not a big one or well know...

By that line of thought, lets say someone here at Heromorph publish some original character/design/idea that someone at DC or Marvel or any other comics, game or movie company finds interesting enough and decides to use it as its own creation.

Is that acceptable?
What are your thoughts on that?

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