Re: Renders

Posted by pijon on 2018/7/10 8:49:54
DW can certainly speak more to the technical aspects than I as I haven't done a rendered image in over a year and a half so I'll just give my dumbed down view.
I had noticed back then was this whole grainy render thing happening, myself. It seemed to be largely the result of using a more powerful render engine like the "Reality" plug-in at the time. It produced more spectacular results but rather than doing the fairly quick and complete line by line render that Daz's default renderer (at that time, anyway) produced, it produced a a scattering of pixels which became denser and more complete the longer the render went on.
The problem seemed to come from exactly what DW had mentioned... time, PC horsepower, etc., leading to a lot of less than complete renderings using that engine, giving things a grainy look when all the pixels hadn't yet filled in.

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