Re: Renders

Posted by drunkendragon on 2018/7/15 6:58:19

Dark Wanderer wrote:

I do the Shutting everything down that is not needed when I do the serious pieces. I disable all updates, internet access, and and all programs that do not pertain to my rendering. once I am offline,I even disable antivirus

Exactly! Even all the help manuals, forums and articles I've read suggest all of that. I'm going to start doing that again so as to bring my renders close to the standards seen in yours...

And let me again re-iterate, the system being the main culprit of sloppy renders, is still only a machine. It's my laziness that lets the system rule.
Time for me to take control back! Time to end the reign of the machine! Vive la révolution!
in other words- time for me to stop being lazy.

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