Re: Renders

Posted by whiz on 2018/7/16 10:59:26
honestly i've only had 1 grainy render. i used the iray renderer on my pc.i chalk it up to bad lighting and a limited knowledge of iray settings.lately though i've been having wierd crashes and errors that came from a compressed runtime.
i'm not so sure the hardware debate is entirely valid laptop only has about 3gb of memory but i've been able to render fairly easily.until seems daz doesn't like any file that is compressed. compression (windows way to save space) causes files to appear smaller which imo causes all kinds of wierd errors like textures missing or .png iccp warnings maybe even grain (can't vouch for that though). that i think causes windows to work overtime looking for a way to put things in guess is that is what kills the memory. maybe i'll do a tut sometime if anybody's interested. keep in mind this is all theoretical on my part. i was just lucky to be able to fix some issuse i've been having
anyhoo daz is about to release 4.11 which is supposed to eleviate a lot of the wierdness. be ez peeps

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