Re: Renders

Posted by drunkendragon on 2018/7/16 19:16:21
I'd be more than interested in any tut that would help me understand lighting better!

I'll admit to being lazy, but I'll apply that especially to studying lighting techniques. I find one or two I'm comfortable with, and tend to render everything with those.

As for the iray settings, unless I'm using the sun-sky only, the only ones I mess with (experimentally, of course, not commitments) are the max samples and max time in the Progressive rendering section of the render editor. Both of those, to my limited understanding, help the render achieve better resolution through time and progression.
If I use the sun-sky setting, I actually looked up my location coordinates so I can reset the time of day and date settings to pick a sunlight setting that I've seen in real life...The rest is guess work and trial and error.

There's got to be a better way....

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