Re: Renders

Posted by Obsidian on 2018/7/21 19:05:28
That graininess that's IRay. It gives the image a more "Photo-realistic" look and d usually does a great job and the Grain can be filtered out but the render times for IRay are insane most times. Iray is useless for animation or quick turnover. The ambient occlusion is to blame and if it's reduced that effect is lessened to some degree. I have tried IRay and I don't like particularly like it. 3Delight works just as well except for the glow effect that IRay has which can turn ANY surface into a light source...that's pretty badass. I wish Iwas better at it and had a more powerful system but I don't 4 GB VRAM and 16 GB RAM aren't enough to make my renders fast enough to be worth the switch...but I have tons of IRay plugins and add ons as well as shaders and lights and so on. I'll be ready to switch when the time comes...for now they need to render faster while maintaining quality.

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