Polling the game

Posted by Obsidian on 2018/9/8 3:10:36
With my new project comes something entirely new... MERCHANDISE.
Before I post anything like that I am going to create several new pieces just for merchandising. The images will be available as free downloads for wallpapers. To get the most bang for your buck I'm asking: who are your favorite characters from my universe? The top ten images will be used for phase 1 items made available exclusively on my web site. T-shirts, coffee mugs, and the like will be for sale. But I want to sell images of the most popular characters from my various worlds first. Obsidian will be the flagship character of course but who else have you not gotten enough of? I wanna spotlight your choices and themes. So let me know your faces and I'll be creating and posting images exclusively Here and at at DeviantArt.

P.S. I have plans for a swimsuit calendar starting the gorgeous ladies that populate my universe.

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