Posted by daswook on 2018/11/16 7:28:00
As a poor kid who really didn't have many childhood friends me and my brother would look forward to the days my father visited because he always brought us comics. As a child of three I began learning about heroism in the pages of Captain America, Avengers, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk and more. Although I loved DC comics, Marvel comics had the characters I could most relate to. Although like millions of others, I never met Stan, just like millions of others I loved him like a surrogate grandfather. His interviews contained tidbits of wisdom and you never read anything about him being disrespectful to his fellow humans. He put a part of himself into every character he created and by extension put parts of ourselves in them as well.
Stan Lee: The Father of Marvel.
Stan Lee: The True Icon of Comics:
Stan Lee: Father figure, mentor and friend.
Stan Lee Rest in Peace.

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