Re: Whatever Happened To ...?

Posted by Thayne on 2020/6/23 23:31:06
So, annual checkup? ummm, check in? not totally sure this is even gonna be much more than a stealth check.

Basically, it's been one hell of a long journey. One that involved a conscious effort to focus on the positive and let go of the negative. One of discovering that family isn't always relatives. One that has shown me great joys in becoming a father, a student, a friend, and soon a husband. And in rediscovering all that I sacrificed to survive.

This journey has me on the road to becoming a translator. A dungeon master back after a 25 year hiatus. And a teacher to those who are currently traveling down that familiar path.

As to art. I do still drop pencils every now and then. The last piece I did was a follow along with Pub Draw on Critical Role's channel. I can say I have a new found love for Copic Markers now.

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