Re: Whatever Happened To ...?

Posted by JrMcDeath on 2020/10/5 11:20:30
I'm not working on any art... .but I thought I would stop by and say "Hi" Still love this page. Maybe I need to get a little inspiration. I Don't know if any of y'all believe in ghosts, but my mom ruined the 4th of July for me. I always shared with her my manips. And after she passed I was working on a manip and not really enjoying the piece. I put my stylist in it's holder when I thought I heard her voice down stairs. I went to investigate, and when I got back to my computer, my stylish was gone. I tore the house apart trying to find it. I finally found it under my bed, under a bag. I took that as a sign that someone (mom) was not happy with that manip. LOL I trashed it. I need to find me a new image to work with.

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