Re: Farewell Dark Wanderer

Posted by Thayne on 2019/7/10 21:15:11
This has been hitting me so very hard. So many many memories. After a 10 year hiatus from drawing, some encouragement from the community, he was the one who nudged me back into drawing again. And furthermore got me to break every rule I ever had. I can remember posting a drawing I had done based on a character from Dragonlance. And he blew me away not just because he knew the character, but he knew way more than I did. When I became a father I remember telling him my daughter's middle name is Arisia from Green Lantern. And was surprised at how he shared in my joy. Then he shared his kid's names and allowed me to share in his joy. Eventually, when life collapsed, he was someone who I could talk to. But truthfully not much was said, he just seemed to know the path I was on. Later Critical Role came up in conversation and I can recall staying up till 3 and sometimes 4 in the morning on the phone discussing the show and he was the one who nudged me back into the dungeon master's seat after a 25 year hiatus.

And now I'm learning that it's hitting me so hard because yes he was a fellow artist, great friend, someone I considered a brother. But more importantly, a kindred spirit.

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