Casting call and Animation announcement.

Posted by Obsidian on 2021/5/18 11:20:01
Looking for voice actors soon for a space opera series I want to create. It's not a paying gig. Applicants should send a voice sample with at least 3 accents, Posh English, Proper American Midwest English, and one of choice. Also looking for something along the lines of two specific accents/voices... something like Madge Sinclair (Sarabi from lion king) and Letitia Wright (Shuri from Black Panther). For now 8 lead roles (which includes the aforementioned 2) are available. The series will be cgi animate with an anime feel.
Lead roles with voice specs in parenthesis are as follows:
Obsidian Mask: male 30's (Posh James Bond)
Shadawar aka Shadow: (CAST)
Ai-Thoron: Female late 20's (Madge Sinclair African)
Lote' pron. Youtay: Female young adult (Latitia Wright African)
Aini: Female Early 20's (Sultry Posh English)
Sabrina Wildlman: Female Early 30's (American English Midwestern)
Synthea: Female Early 20's(Midwestern English monotone)
Colonel Rendaza: male mid 40's (Posh Star Wars villain)
Black Mantis/Khar male mid 30's(menacing voice/calm collected)
Raven: Female mid 20's (Motherly yet Sexy)
Norjaguar: make mid 30's (Intelligent proper English, XMen Beast)
Reaver: make mid 40's (Dark, forbidding whispered)
Thunderbird: Make mid 30's(Deep voice Native American)
Emperor Beast: male late 40's (very deep)
there may be other recurring roles later.
Harley: make late 20's (bass voice no accent)

If you'd like to try your hand simply send a voice audition with for the character you's like to voice to or hit me up on facebook Thanks in advance.

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