Heromorph Needs You ↔ Participate here

Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2018/1/20 9:32:59
Hello Heromorphers,

It's no surprise to all that our once great community is going through some hard times: lack of participation either commenting or posting art... Even our Adult gallery is without new posts since 2017/12/30.

Participation in events such as challenges/duels has been low, even the Shoutbox is mostly used as a misleading Search Box.

Tthe way I see it this causes:

↱ No comment/feedback = No inspiration to make new art ↲

↱ No participation on HM events = No motivation for the Admin Team ↲

↱ No motivation for the Admin Team = No comments/Feedback ↲

I could go around and make a larger circle but I think this makes my point.

So, you have any sugestion to help us improve? Have an idea for a new challenge/event?

Leave a post here or contact one of Mods. No sugestion will go unnoticed and we will try to see the possibilities to implement it.

For the moment, Please take 10 seconds or less and vote in the poll above.

Thank You.

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