Re: Heromorph Needs You ↔ Participate here

Posted by drunkendragon on 2018/1/20 23:14:23
My apologies for not as much submitting in 2017 as usual...I had a bunch of life stuff get in the way, and severe lack of time.
However, I have resolved most of it, and my New year's resolution is to post, comment, and participate more.

As for suggestions, I'll rattle the old brain bucket for ideas...
Meanwhile, I like the contests/challenges.
I remember such ones as line art, drawing, even specific topics from the past years. The DragonDack tribute contest was awesome.
But others such as the old
Mission Impossible
Lady Heromorph's Challenge
Cover Flip
March Madness

might spark some ideas...

Reboots, or revamps of these might do something...
Or maybe an artist tribute/roast, in which we submitters try to duplicate, mimic or completely blast the style of a randomly chosen artist...or something like that (Stealing a bit from the Dragondack thing again)
meanwhile, I'll try to think of some more.

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