Re: New Wonder Woman Show

Posted by thestarkiller on 2011/3/29 9:36:51
Ok, if you all want to envision what kinda show this is going to be imagine Ally Mcbeal with the fortune of Bruce Wayne and some of the powers of Superman. The dude running this show usually brings us chick dramas and legal shows, so expect Diana Themyscira (yes, that's the name the show has given our main character) to spend more time worrying about guys and shopping than beating up on Giganta or Circe. Expect this to go no further than the pilot, like Aquaman did (although that show was pretty awesome). And if it DOES get made into a series it'll get canceled halfway through its first season.

That being said, I will watch every episode of this series that DOES get made for the sake of Adrianne Palicki in the WW costume alone.

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