Re: **THE MOTHER OF ALL THREADS** who do u think should play wonder woman

Posted by specialagentB on 2009/3/18 16:32:40
I am ALL about the DUSHKU!...I wouldn't mind seeing her play WW! On a side note...Is anyone digging Dollhouse??? I'm kinda on the fence about it...some episodes are really GOOD!(like The Most Dangerous Game episode w/ Matt Keeslar(psycho bow hunter Richard O'Connell...who...BTW...would make an excellent Green Arrow!), but some episodes have left me this a good show??? Also...has anyone seen the WW animated film??? I thought it was good, but why do they always feel the need to do the origin story??? It's kinda weird that after this post of Joss doing WW...Nathan Fillion(Joss Whedon's Firefly)voices Steve Trevor!

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