Re: **THE MOTHER OF ALL THREADS** who do u think should play wonder woman

Posted by Dark Wanderer on 2009/8/31 10:20:52

JrMcDeath wrote:
Meagan Fox! Oh wait, this is the WW thread... not the Catwoman thread!
Besides... MF has too many Tats to play WW... slap her in some latex and call her Kitty!


Dark_Wanderer wrote:

Neilrok wrote:
hey T,

I saw it on the site as well. as least we know there
might be a Catwoman. now the question is who would
you like to see as her and who will be her. almost 80
percent of the male population said Megan, but we'll
see what happens.

..........Ah Christ F*** No.. we are NOT going to have another Who do you think should play wonder woman thread

And remember... there can be only one!!!!


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