Re: **THE MOTHER OF ALL THREADS** who do u think should play wonder woman

Posted by JrMcDeath on 2011/6/11 21:27:42

OCP wrote:
Where are the white stars and such? Looks like they decided to forget some of the iconic colors of WW uniform.
Oh, and who thought that the boots should be blue also?

I don't comment about the actrees because so far I haven't seen anything with her but from that pic she doesn't look so wonder...full...

Is it her mole between her eyes that throws you off from her being Wonder---full??

She looks damn good in that image that Dar posted... but damn that mole!

Oh, and Hawk... from what I have read... the TV show isn't even going to make it to TV. SO... so much for a movie. To bad she isn't a Marvel character and part of the Avengers... she would have gotten her own crappy movie to introduce her before the Avengers movie comes out.

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