wonder woman pilot

Posted by Dark_Knight_DK on 2011/8/21 13:03:15
I've just finished watching the wonder woman pilot, and for all those who didn't like or were having doubts about Adrianne Palicki as wonder woman let me tell you that she makes a wonderful wonder woman, she even looks great as diana of Themiscyra (without the costume), she's tall and her body is great.

Adrianne Palicki looks pretty hot in both costumes, even better that Linda Carter did (but those were other times) and she has the wonder woman attitude.

What I didn't like was how the writers adapted or in this case modify the character...in this series wonder woman is a business woman and has a multi millon dollar corporate named Themiscyra Industries and everyone knows that wonder woman owns it and she's also known as Diana of Themiscyra. Then she has secret identity as Diana Prince so she can get away from her superheroe/business life...that's too much identities for me.

I really didn't like the whole corporate approach, that takes away all the magic of been a superheroe, and the mysticism that wonder woman has.

In the pilot we can't see if she has an amazon origin (maybe they were going to explore that origin later in the series, but we'll never know).

In the end Adrianne Palicki was great as wonder woman (and I liked both costumes), but the adaptation was Poorly written, and I in my opinion that was what killed the series. I think the writers got lazy for not to consult any of the comics or the cartoon movies, they lacked the creativity to make this TV show.

But even with that story I think the series could have seen the light in the air...right know I'm thinking of the smallville series, we watched 10 seasons with almost the same plots (just remember whoever found a kryptonite rock atomatically had powers...and that happend in many seasons). Most of the chapters were Poorly adapted, and many times they looked like soap operas with super powers, but in the end we watched them all. So in my opinion the WB should have given the series an oportunity.

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