Please don't beat me

Posted by Aharmona on 2004/1/1 14:18:57
Hey guys,

I just wanted to write in and let you guys know that things are going slower than expected. Due to the holiday season and a tight final week of school I have had very little time to do the manip. I did warn you guys though ;) Anyway, I'm hoping that whenthe relatives leave, I'll have some more time. Worst of all I've had a bit of "manipper's block", getting attached to the character and model. Her suit isn't happening the way I'd like so I've slowed things down even more to try and get to the point where I'm satisfied. I also don't want to drag this thing out for much longer as it's not fair to those great manips completed by the group already. As I said many times before, just be patient if you can and pray I can get my groove back. Thanks.


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