Re: A Challenge for Alex!

Posted by Alex on 2018/5/29 4:27:20
Well shit, 10 years, depending how you count, 29th here in NZ, 10 whole years. A lots has happened in that time. Met a girl, travelled to Greece and Italy, got engaged, quit my job to study to be a joiner, got married, got a joinery apprenticeship, travelled to Germany, and the UK, brought a house, broke my leg resulting in two surgerys, lost my job because of said surgerys, got a new job, level 36 of Pokèmon go.
Notice something missing from that list? Yes you guessed it, this challenge, might have to work on that. I have actually found this piece a few times when moving and think to myself, I should finish it, but here we are. Oh well maybe in another ten years, Biohaz_Daddy did say no time limit.

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