The Weapons!

Posted by Biohaz_Daddy on 2008/5/30 5:41:48
The Duelers Weapons:

#1 - Choose and Declare a Celebrity/Famous Person by posting a photo in this thread.

#2 - Choose a Well Known Comic Strip, or Cartoon character (no Superheroes allowed). You do not have to reveal what you choose.

#3 - Using Photo based materials morph your celebrity into the character you have chosen into a fully manipped scene that could be from the original source Comic Strip, or Cartoon. (3d content is allowed as long as the majority of the image is photo based)

Judging will be based on the following criteria:

Likeness - The results must be recognizable as both the character and the celebrity.

Skill/Technique - Photo materials must be high detail, high rez, and fully integrated into the image.

Humor - It's gotta be funny. More funny, more better.

What, Where, When:

Along with an image posted in the regular gallery, a high rez version, and an image with all of your source photos and reference materials must be posted in HFC on July, 5th 2008. That's right ON July 5th. Not before, not after.

Any Questions?

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