Re: Biohaz Daddy - En garde!!

Posted by JrMcDeath on 2008/5/30 7:03:29

Winterhawk wrote:
One of the long forgotten traditional (well not really they only were popular for a couple months until Jr had one )
that has long been forgotten was our artist duels.
Well I am feeling like being saucy so I figured I would get my ass kicked.

It isn't my fault that Vagabondeye dropped the gauntlet and got his ass handed to him!

Neilrok wrote:

no offense to Mr. Hawk, the Haz-man has my vote. good
luck on what I am sure is going to be a kick ass duel.

Whelp, you two guys know that I hate you equally So I will throw my hat in the ring to be a judge.
Good luck!

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