Honoring a Worthy Opponent

Posted by Biohaz_Daddy on 2008/6/14 5:43:52
I just wanted to take a moment out from the "trash talking" to really say how much I respect Mr. WinterHawk. Not only as an opponent, but as a man. He has been able to touch so many people, even with his crippling social dysfunctions, and all without a single conviction. Despite being born with freakishly under sized balls, he is able to look on the positive side, and say that at least by comparison his small pecker appears normal sized. But being hung like a Ken doll is not all that he's had to overcome in his life. There's the abnormal whiteness to his skin that forces him to live underground. The chronic masturbating that prevents him from holding a job outside of the food service industry. His having lost the left hemisphere of his brain in a tragic huffing incident as a blue haired teenager. The loss of his thumbs during the filming of his first gay porno as the lead bottom. And so much more... Despite all this he still carries on. He has found love and has married... his sister. He has developed not just one successful professional career, but several in a multitude of high paying industries... in his mind.

Mr WinterHawk is a man to be held in unique admiration. Please join me in applauding him in this his last tragic hooray.


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