Re: The Put Up!

Posted by bhm1954 on 2008/7/7 8:28:29
I also put a lot of thought into this because this is really close. Both manips are amazing. I really liked Bio's manip right away, it had instantly reconizable characters and it looked cool. On the other hand, if not for the title Hawk's manip it would have taken a while to figure out who these characters were. (I have seen Yu-gi-oh GX with my son and grandkids so I do know the show.)

Techniclly they are both very good but I give the edge to Hawk. As for the layout, I agree that Hawks does seem to show more of a theme, it has more complexity than Bio's.

This is so close that I would like to call it a tie, but I won't.

My vote goes to Hawk.

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