Heromorph Secret Santa 2015 Sign Ups Now Open!

Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2015/11/16 19:50:04

Good afternoon Heromorph! It is that wonderful time of year again where you get to play Santa to another Fellow Morpher. A time of Giving, a time of Eggnog, A time to be visited by 3 spirits, ...well you get the idea.

Secret Santa 2015 Sign ups are now CLOSED.

Remember: To Receive a gift, you must give one.

To Sign up you only need to reply to this thread with a list of 3 Characters you would like to have a gift. It will be up to the Giver as to which one they will give as a gift and as to what medium they will use to create it.

Lady Heromorph

1. Love Bunny & Mr Hell
2. Casey Jones
3. Me!

Feel free to make a request of a Medium (3D,Pencil,Photomanip)This will however,be at the sole discretion of the artist making the image.

All images MUST be family friendly. This means no request for anything that would need to go into the adult gallery.

Once you have signed up here, you will receive a PM explaining who you will be playing Secret Santa to,along with the deadline and where to submit the finished image.

Any questions please feel free to contact me!
Merry Christmas to all!

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