Re: Best of 2016 Challenge

Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2017/1/5 11:42:48
Thanks DW for helping with those great trophies. You captured my likeness perfectly.
It looks like we've got our first awards. Thank you, OzZy and Halcon89 for your "best of 2016" awards.

...and congratulations to all whose work was nominated:
TemporalDave, Machobubba, DrunkenDragon, LordCoyote, Obsidian, PaulSutton, Halcon89, Tazman, Tiangtam, Saur, JinkyCoronado, Pijon and B, Starchild, DarqueImages, Brianp1361, Dark Wanderer, Dragondack, Whiz, Magnusch, and Vektor

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