Re: Best of 2016 Challenge

Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2017/1/8 2:25:18
It looks like Tazman has joined in helping us celebrate 2016's great images, along with OzZy, Halcon89, Pijon and Dark Wanderer.

and congratulations to all the artists whose work was nominated:

TemporalDave, Machobubba, DrunkenDragon, LordCoyote, Obsidian, PaulSutton, Halcon89, Tazman, Tiangtam, Saur, JinkyCoronado, Pijon and B, Starchild, DarqueImages, Brianp1361, Dark Wanderer, Dragondack, Whiz, Magnusch, Vektor, CMK24601, Drawwolf25, Nagillum, Scriptron, Vash99, robert2654, jebny, Starchild, and Hiram67

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