Color Me Jinky! Challenge

Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2017/3/1 16:48:57
Color me Jinky Challenge

For our March challenge, we'll be celebrating our Spotlight Artist for March: Jinky Coronado as well celebrating one her upcoming projects, an adult coloring book or two called Beautiful Dreamers. The challenge is called "Color Me Jinky"
The rules are simple... take any line art by Jinky Coronado and add colors. Jinky has even been generous enough to offer a few hi-rez images to use for the contest.
You can find them here:

NOTE: Be sure to click on the in upper right corner to download full sized version

Oh... and it gets even better! At the end of the month, we'll take a week to poll votes to determine a winner, who will receive a personalized signed copy of Banzai Girl, vol 1: By Dreams Betrayed!
You have til the end of March to submit your challenge entry. Time to color Jinky's world, Heromorphers!

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