Re: Color Me Jinky! Challenge

Posted by drunkendragon on 2017/3/14 12:25:58
Just to put in my 2 cents here...
I think this is an incredible idea for a contest! (And a great precedent for future contests involving some sort of tribute to the artist of the month)

If I had ANY sort of talent for painting, coloring or the like, and any time in my life recently to devote to it...
I would try every one of Miss Coronado's line art pieces.
And I'm gonna try to find time for at least one...but no promises.

Hopefully there are many aspiring colorists out there who'll give this a try. ( I know there are a bunch of Heromorphers who can do this, I've seen your work)

So consider this both high praise for the contest creator and all who enter, as well as a BUMP for the contest itself.

Good Luck to all who enter!

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