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Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2018/2/9 13:39:00

Dark Wanderer wrote:
Side note: Lady H, is there a size limit you are looking for on these?

Dark Wanderer, the size limit of our galleries. IF we have enough submissions to pick a winner and we end up using any on Heromorph, we will resize them to our needs anyway.

DragonDack, your first icon got the idea correctly but not the right place to post it IF you want to enter the challenge... the other ones although nice looking and creative ( I really like the last one ), don't comply with the challenge requirements:

As I said on my first post:


You can use Lady Heromorph or any of the site's characters and you can make as many icons as you want, you can make as a set or just one...
It can be just for one Social site where Lady Hermorph as an account or for any other you know, even if we don't have an account there.

If you want, you can also create some fanpages headers (for Facebook and Google +) to go along with the icons.
When posting your works, post them as .png files and put on the title: "your name's Heromorph Icons: icon/set name".

I think it goes without saying that any entries should be posted at any of our galleries: Regular or Gold.

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