Bad Casting 4

Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2018/5/1 6:30:06
Hello Heromorphers,
It's the beginning of the month and what a better time to start a new challenge to the fearless among you.

So we live in a time where comic book base movies are as common as breathing air... but most of us still remember of the days when we eagerly await for ANY superhero adaptation to the movies or even a tv show, no matter how crappy it looked or if the character didn't look exactly as in the comics or if the story took some (A LOT) of "creative" licences.

Even today Hollywood make some... let's say, questionable casting choices, and we at Heromorph have had our share of fun with those choices and even played a bit how it could be worse... Thrice!!!

Can we do it for a Fourth time?

If you want to participate into this little play of ours, just imagine yourself as a all-mighty hollywood producer with the task of casting any actor/actress for a new comic book based tv show or movie... and pick the worse you can think of for the part.

IMPORTANT: When submiting your image (or images, post as many as you want), post in the category: Monthly and other challenges AND put in the title : "Bad Casting 4: your title"

You have the end of May to submit an image.

Do your worst.

Have Fun with it.

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