Lady Mix-A-Lot

Posted by Lady Heromorph on 2018/7/1 4:57:52

Witchy Lady HM

Image by Dark Wanderer

And here we are at the beginning of another month.
One challenge ended and its time to start another...

This month I would like to dare you do imagine some What If scenarios...

Imagine, if you will, What If Superman and Lori Lemaris ended up together...

What would an offspring of those two look like?

But lets not stop there, lets imagine a cross-platform/publisher mix too...

To sum up, imagine you are a mad scientist and have the power to pick ANY characters from ANY reality and mix them up into a new being.
Imagine what are their powers, appearance, whatever... You are only limited by your imagination.

To participate, create as many images as you like and post them at the category Monthly and other challenges (Please, keep it regular gallery ), and as Title: Lady Mix-A-Lot: your title

I wonder what your sick minds will cook up for this one.

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