July Challenge (From the Maniper's Pot)

Posted by Winterhawk on 2004/6/23 21:01:55
It looks like we missed a June challenge this month, so I thought that I would start the July challenge a little early, because it will probably take longer then normal.
Ok, Everyone this month's Challenge is an Idea that brick had a very long time ago, but we never did it.
Everyone that signs up must provide two base images. (These images do not have to be of models they can be of anything at all.) The base images you provide must be in colour and must be photographs. Send your base images to me via e-mail. winterhawk2@shaw.ca
You must sign up by July 3rd.
Once I have all of the base images I will post them for download on part of my website. (Most likely in .zip format to save space) I will provide the exact web address later.
Once you have all of the base images, your challenge is to use a part from as many of the base images as you can to make any picture you want.
The more base pictures you use to make your image the more extra points you will receive. I am trying to work out some sort of prize for this challenge. Stay tuned for details on that.

So sign up already, you know you want too.

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