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Posted by Winterhawk on 2004/7/1 23:41:18
by brick on 2004/7/1 22:09:28

So these pictures and _only_ these pictures?

I never really thought about that, What do you guys think?
I have a couple of suggestions:
option #1-we use only the pictures provided
option #2-we use the pictures provide and up to two additional images of our own.
option #3-we use as many additional pictures as we want. and add in as many parts from the base pictures as we can.
Lets have a vote. Options one, two, or three guys, what would you like?

Also, Billy has e-mailed me and has signed up for this as well, I will add his base pictures to the pot shortly.

The due date for this challenge will be August 2nd.
Two more days for anyone else to sign up.

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