The way It is.

Posted by Winterhawk on 2004/7/4 10:34:50
Since no one voted. I choose
option #1-we use only the pictures provided.
But as I said before I was going to add in bonus pictures that can be used but are not required.
Billy, sent me 2 pictures but one was Black and white, I have not recieved a replacement Base Picture so I think you are going to have to sit this one out as the sign up deadline is today.
I will add in the bonus pictures today.
On your mark, get set, GO!!!

out of order
Remember to click refresh on your browser if the page does not look updated. Again not sure why, but it works.
Bonus point rules: If you do use a bonus picture or part of a bonus picture you will recieve bonus points. In the event of a tie In the regular points and scoring described below. The person with the most bonus points will win.
Any questions? Does every one understand?

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