Re: The results of the first step of my half baked points system.

Posted by BikerBot on 2004/8/16 18:34:18
Numbers on a Monday? You take your chances, my friend...

So, it's Presentation and Integration, eh?

Well, to quote:Quote:
The next two parts each participant will vote on the other participates picture on a scale of one to ten for two separate scores, One for overall presentation (how much you like the picture, as a picture) and integration (how well you think the artist put the base images into the finished picture, do they look like they just slapped them in or do they look like part of the picture).
So, based on that criteria-

Winterhawk- presentation:10 integration:8.5
(Hate to say it, but I don't see all 10 bases, even though I've seen your "notes base".)
Brick- presentation:10 integration:8

Lest I forget the "Free Lunch Payment",
The following get -10 points for not doing a Manip, plus:
Ballasti- presentation:-10 integration:-10
Quinn- presentation:-10 integration:-10
Dark Knight- presentation:-5 integration:-5
(Cause he bowed out early...)

How handy for me that it looks like I win?
Remember what Hawkeye said:
"Always use your own bat."

Explanations available on request.


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